Postcard Project

A postcard gives a small message while showing someone where you are. In an effort to teach my English students more about the world and how English speakers communicate, my school is launching a project to learn through postcards.

In order to establish a cross-cultural understanding between Americans and Mozambicans, I am trying to get individuals or classrooms from all over the country to send a postcard here. We are looking for a small message, anything you want to say, written like you would talk or write to a friend. The objective is for the kids to learn more colloquial English.

If you would be willing to participate just shoot me an email: I will give you my contact information and keep you updated on the project. If you want to do it all on your own than my address is in the Contact Me tab under the About Me menu item.

P.S. A normal U.S. stamp will not get it here. You likely will need to go to the post office to get an international stamp and send it. Let me know if there is any trouble.

Muito Obrigado!

25 thoughts on “Postcard Project

  1. Hi Thomas, thanks for your message on my blog. I’m in England. I don’t know any school classes but I am sure I could ask Sunday School children in Alaska and England. Does that sound ok?


  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the reply! I’d love to help out with your project! What types of things would you like to see on the postcard?


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  4. Inspiring website you have yourself here, Thomas 🙂 Loved having a look around. What a fun project, thank you for letting me know about it! I am in India as of now, and will soon be sending in a postcard from here. Take care.

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