Mozambique Overview

When I tell people that I am going to Mozambique, their eyes usually gloss over and they nod along. Unfortunately not many people know much about this wonderful country that I call home. So, allow me to introduce you to some of the basics of the country.

Mozambique is located in southern Africa; it is north of South Africa on the Indian Ocean side.


For those of you who are not well versed in Mozambique history, Mozambique was a Portuguese colony for almost 500 years; Mozambique received independence in 1975. As a result, the official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. After independence, the Portuguese had a mass exodus from the country; this emigration led to a collapse of the economic integrity. The Portuguese were the backbone of the economy because of the status and services that they offered. Not only did the imperial flight cripple the country, a series of unfortunate events further plagued Mozambique. A Civil War broke out in country which left many areas of the country unreachable.

Mozambique has a variety of things plaguing the country. One of the biggest diseases within Mozambique is HIV/AIDS. Mozambique is the country with the fifth highest amount of people living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV-AIDS Population by Country

Fun Facts:

Mozambique is the only country that features a modern weapon on its flag (an AKA-47 with a bayonet attached).


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