Bucket Bath

Everyone talks about bucket baths before getting in country. First thing’s first – a bucket bath becomes natural faster than you could imagine. Within the first couple of days, it becomes second nature; showers are not something that you daydream about.

Different people have different strategies but they all follow the same pattern.


  • Bucket
  • Water (hot and to temper)
  • Pouring mechanism
  • Shower supplies


  1. Pour the hot water into the bucket. During training, I have a thermos that holds the hot water so I do not have to wake up even earlier to boil it. I highly recommend doing this preparation if possible.
  2. Use cold water to temper the water. Some people did not use cold water the first couple of days, so they proceeded to scold themselves for the first couple of mornings and nights.
  3. For people with long hair, dip your hair in the water in order rinse all of it. This strategy is a much more effective way of wetting your hair, and it doesn’t have you running out of water with suds in your hair.
  4. Use a cup, bowl, or whatever pouring mechanism you desire to rinse off the rest of your body. There are some other ways to rinse off in the tools section.
  5. Scrub a dub dub and lather on up. Soap, shampoo, body wash, whatever your deal is, do what you usually do.
  6. Rinse everything off with your preferred strategy. There are commonly used strategies below. However, the basic method is using a cup or bowl to rinse you from top to bottom. Also, the hair rinse comes into play here; you want to rinse and scrub the shampoo before you rinse the rest of your body.
  7. Dry off and you are fresh and ready for the day.


The Strongman – The man/woman gets a workout with a bath. This person ditches the pouring mechanism, simply lifts the bucket, and slowly dispenses how much they need.

The Squatter – Some casa de banho’s just are not tall enough for everyone; some people prefer to squat when rinsing. Either way they curl up into a ball when trying to rinse. According to these people, it is the most efficient way to conserve water.

Lean with It Rock With It – Low Ceilings? No problem. Post up against the wall and make Dem Franchise Boyz proud.

Straight and Narrow – Stand up straight, lift your pouring mechanism over your head, and let the waterfall flow over you.

Tools to make bathing more like home:

Refillable Shower Head – take a two-liter bottle of soda and poke holes in the bottom. The most effective way to make holes is to use a hanger and burn holes into the bottom. One must get a coat hanger or thin piece of metal hot in the fire and cauterize the holes as you burn through them. Fill the two liter bottle with water and have a little bit of home.

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