Where We Live

Mozambique is a large country with Peace Corps Volunteers scattered throughout. From the rural desert site of Mabalane to the urban beach town on Maxixe, our living situations vary drastically. From not having any accessible water to having a washing machine in a three bedroom apartment, our living situations drastically shape our Peace Corps experience and our daily activities.

Every other week we will explore another Peace Corps living situation. Hopefully these tidbits into our lives will help show you more about Mozambique and the vast differences within it.

Mozambique Provinces

Cabo Delgado



  • Machipanda – Jessica and Olivia
    • Education Volunteers
  • Vanduzi – Hannah and Thelma
    • Education Volunteers


  • Angoche – Cristian
    • Education Volunteer
  • Nacuxa – Matt and Matthew
    • Education Volunteers


  • Cateme – Kelly and Sterling
    • Education Volunteers



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